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    Patagora is a Portuguese investment company that operates in Portugal and abroad. We seek high returns investments with forseable risks. Our main areas of operation are: real estate in historical cities of Portugal, hotels and luxury resorts, low income housing in developing countries, agriculture and start-up business. Patagora is sustained by two principals: economic growth and human development through a close and sustainable relationship with its staff and partners. Our company aspires to be a model of expertise and innovation. Patagora is an ambitious, challenging, dynamic and inspiring project.


Social Resp.

  • Anna Sophia’s Association

    We believe that we should not live in the indifference of others’ suffering. We believe that we must help those in need, those who have no way of defending themselves, those who have lost everything in life and want a new opportunity, those who no longer have strength to ask, but still need help. We have the moral duty to give what we can, expecting only others’ well-being. We believe that human rights are a good starting point and inspiration for the projects that we embrace. We believe that education and employment are everyone’s rights and fundamental tool to reduce poverty and develop active, healthy and peaceful communities. Education and work triggers our capacity to earn a salary and allows us take care of our family.


    What we do

    At this stage, we support humanitarian projects. We are also developing our own projects from scratch. Until then we want to help, learn and grow.


    Why we do it

    To give continuity to the philosophy that has made us found the Anna Sophia’s Association and to fulfill the goals set by the constant need of creating, stimulating and ensuring projects of social support.
    To promote strong values in society and create foundations for sustainable development of mankind, helping the world to be more fair and balanced.




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